Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Jungles so Grey!!

Where dinos roamed
And elephants gallivanted,
New giants have emerged,
Of nuts and bolts, of glass and steel.

High rises standing straight,
Protect us better than trees, from rain and shine.
Cement droppings and sewage puddles,
Lie about in lieu of meadows and streams.

Monster trucks romp about.
So do potholes, dust and exhaust fumes.
These are the predators of a new age.
Covert & overt, they lurk around.

In search of disappearing habitats,
Bees and birds find comfort in concrete
As is the case with pests and pets!
Is nature taking over?

Once where colours appeared through prism of rainbows,
Now you see them brightly reflected in oil spills.
Once where animals were adorned by feathers and horns,
Comes new fangled fashion of plastic chokers and metal piercings!!

Who said that jungles are disappearing?
They have just changed form!!


Raaga. Rr said...

Ending is perfect! Leaves one to wonder if the most superior predator just remodelled its own home! Striking words, good capture! Keep Writing! :)

a ship that could never anchor said...

Are you referring to man as the superior predator? Clawless, hornless, poisonless, the only weapon man has, is brains. And even then, nature plays truant. How then can he be superior?

Raaga. Rr said...

Yes. With his brains, he made weapons of small and mass destruction, trapped inferior beings, outgrew them by numbers, built science, developed communities, toned his body.. Phew! I believe he is and will be superior.

On nature, true, we do share a love-hate relationship. But I think the scales have balanced - neither can nature ignore man nor can man ignore nature! We can only hope, that we resign ourselves to be at defence all the time, while keeping amicable relations! :)

P.S: to be read in a metaphor that nature is also a real living being!

a ship that could never anchor said...

No of course I understand the superiority, hence in agreement with the remodelling comment. But in a real war between nature and man, who will win? Who will you bet on? Sure, man endures, man survives but beaten and with the need to start all over again.
This debate will continue, man is making new strides everyday so here is hoping that it doesnt come to a war.

deekshith vemuganti said...

If I sound like I'm differing with the first commentator's opinion here, perhaps I am. Risking that, I am saying the last two lines shouldn't have been penned down.

All that has to be said has indeed been said, rather poignantly and piercingly, in the other lines of this urban haiku.

Did not understand 'is nature taking over?' part of the piece though.

Everything else preserved the pleasantness of the surprise my visit to this blog has longed for.

a ship that could never anchor said...

To address your first comment, yes everything has already been said, but poetry is merely an artistic form of reiteration. These are ideas already in the public domain, but when in the form of word songs, it just seems more technically correct to repeat the verse. Consider it the author's own style perhaps?!
As for the second comment, the phrase is conveyed to mean that nature somehow always takes over how much ever extreme human action maybe.
Of course, all this depends on the reader's own interpretation.
Thank you for the comment and your visit.

deekshith vemuganti said...

I am buying that "author's own style" part of your giveback. :)

And also finally understood the nature taking over piece.

Thanks. And keep writing. The world needs writs.